Clients Continue to Count On IG Compliance

Article by Stephen Cole from Mattern & Associates in Law Journal Newsletters: “Clients Drive Information Governance: Payment Tied to Guideline Compliance” —

  • “Information governance and the protection of corporate data are top concerns for law firms. To ensure standards are met, some clients are now tying payment to compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG). OCG have moved from guidelines to actual contracts that provide for indemnification of the client for cyberbreach and violation of privacy laws, and require firms to explicitly secure the client’s data. 79% of legal departments now provide OCG to their law firms, a 30% increase over 2017, and OCG are overwhelmingly the most effective methodology for legal departments to control spend and mitigate risk.”
  • “To comply with the data side of the OCG, firms must have a clear information governance strategy for which the firm’s use of technology systems is foundational. Ensuring that the clients’ documents are organized, that nonpublic data is secured and that protocols are in place to allow for the destruction of data or its transfer when requested, are prominent aspects within that strategy. Firms can better deliver on clients’ needs through an effective IG program.”
  • “Delivering on all client needs is the top priority for law firms — compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines has become an indispensable part of meeting those needs. Processes to make sure that the clients’ documents are organized, that nonpublic data is secured and purged where necessary, all while instilling a firm-wide culture of adherence to best practices, combine to alleviate inefficiencies and trim bottom-line costs.”