Interview with: Shumaker CAO on Moving to “Paper-lite”

Todd Rains, Chief Administrative Officer of Shumaker shares his experience on the steps his firm took to assess their current state of information governance and identify the steps to transition to a “paper-lite” environment, supported by strong information governance (IG) policies and processes: “Interview with Shumaker” —

  • “Our costs had been escalating because of a retention policy that had us storing physical records for an excessively lengthy period of time. It became clear that we needed to create the ability to destroy records in a cost-effective manner.”
  • “Even if we were to destroy X number of boxes per year, we would still be putting in far more than we were ever taking out. So to make an impact on our physical records costs, we would need to introduce better IG practices and the right structure to make us less dependent on physical files and paper.”
  • “We were very clear that the need for paper would not disappear. Our goal from the start was to strike a balance between the reality of physical records and what gets utilized day-to-day in an electronic format.”
  • “My biggest piece of advice would be: Make sure the things that you do have a good solid business case, and that they’re meaningful to the ultimate delivery of services to clients. Your information and records created every day need to be managed in such a way that data is easily protected, but also easily located and accessible for review in a timely and efficient manner.”

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