Adapting IG for Corporate Governance

Confluence of Governances: Adapting Information Governance for Corporate Governance” —

  • “Companies today face significant and disruptive challenges, from increased disclosures and obligations in multiple jurisdictions to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its unanticipated effects on business globally. To effectively and transparently manage an organization and ensure it is meeting these challenges, boards need an effective and adaptive corporate governance program. Corporate governance can be enhanced and improved by the explicit integration of a well-conceived information governance program—an efficient and cogent framework for enterprise information management—that will help companies lower risk and enhance their value propositions.”
  • “Key to regulators, investors, and the markets’ understanding of what a company does and how it operates are company reports and disclosures. While required or permitted disclosures vary, the common element is that they must be timely, accurate, and responsive. The UK Corporate Governance Code (Provision1) explains that the board must assess and describe in the annual report the ‘opportunities and risks to the future success of the business,” the “sustainability of the company’s business model,’ and specifically ‘how its governance contributes to the delivery of [the company’s] strategy.'”
  • “Countries and exchanges may differ on the mechanics of risk recognition and mitigation, but all agree that risk identification, assessment, control, and management are critical to a company’s success.”
  • “The positive effect of a thoughtful IG program on an organization’s ability to plan for and respond to risk is evidenced by having good, clean, available and timely data upon which to base decisions during turbulent times.”