On the Need to Reconsider Records (the Role)

Article by Mike Quartararo published in Above the Law: “Two Legal Records Managers Walk Into A Bar…” —

  • “For years, the perception has been that old-school records managers attended the MER Conference. In fact, attendance this year covered the entire spectrum from corporate to legal and government. Yes, there were records folks, but there were also many people from the C-suite, information technology, privacy, and security. Were it my place to do so, I would re-cast the MER Conference as an information governance event.”
  • “From the moment the conference leaders asked me to speak, I wanted to present a fresh take on managing electronic records and information across the enterprise.”
  • “And I came away from the MER Conference with the idea that if two records managers walk into a bar, what they ought to notice first is that the register is a computer, the flat screens are digital, IoT devices likely surround them, and most of the people sitting around probably have their faces buried in a smartphone. This actually is not a joke; it leads me to my central point.”
  • “Sandy and I tried to hammer home during our presentation that records managers need to reinvent themselves…Records managers, to the extent they have not embraced innovative technologies, need to make a similar move today.”